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Deicide and Sacrifice: Grimdark #21, January 2020

Hello, my darklings!

Well, it’s officially a new year. It’s hard to believe we’re already in 2020 and January is mostly gone but I’m back with my latest review of Grimdark Magazine #21.

Seriously, though…where in the name of all the gods does time actually go? I swear it was just Halloween last week…

The last time I posted an actual review was a little over two months ago on November 5, 2019. That’s wholly unacceptable, I know, but I have been spending all that time writing, I promise. In fact, there are several that need to be uploaded here to the site and I will get to that over the next few weekends. I’ll be back-dating them so that they reflect the dates they were actually published on Tangent Online, so here on my site, they’re going to appear before this Grimdark #21 review.

Grimdark #17, October 2018

Hello, my shadowed siblings!

Grimdark #17 brings three stories to the table this October, starting with “A Risk of Malice” by Devin Madson, “Child of the Emptyness” by Amanda J. Spedding, and “A Place of Peace and Joy and Rest” by Brian Staveley.

Click on the link below to read my review, written for Tangent Online.  It’ll open the review on in a new tab.

Grimdark #17 Review, published on TangentOnline.com on October 12, 2018.