Magazine cover with title and black heartHello, my darklings!

A bit of news, then the review!

First, in the coming weeks, I’m going to take the advice of a colleague of mine and turn these short posts announcing the Tangent Online reviews into a supplementary review here as well. So you’ll see that happening, soon. I’m also going to be writing more “craft of fiction” articles over the next few months, ideally one per week right now. I’ve got one ready to go now that just needs a touch more editing before I post it. But it’s coming!


The 31st issue of Fiction River is out! This particular anthology, edited by Mark Leslie, is focused on love in all it many forms. Most of the stories were absolutely fantastic, others not so much. Still, I really enjoyed reading it.

For specifics, please see my full review over at Tangent Online.  You can click the link below and it’ll open the review in a new tab directly on TO’s website.

Fiction River #31: Feel the Love Review, published on on April 16, 2019.