About the Author

On a cold winter’s eve many years ago, I was born in the birthplace of General Motors: the city of Flint, Michigan. My mother and grandmother were Southerners by birth who moved to the North when my grandfather accepted a job at one of the new GM factories in the late 1950s. Both women were prolific storytellers—my grandmother especially so—and my siblings and I grew up on a steady diet of the often sad songs, myths, and legends of the Appalachian mountains. My short story “Black Aghy” is actually a tribute to my grandmother and her unique backwoods Tennessee take on “Raw Head and Bloody Bones,” an English nursery bogey that migrated to the United States and can still be found in different forms, depending on the region one happens looking at.

I fully attribute to my grandmother the impetus behind my writing in the horror and dark fantasy genres, combined with with my mother’s love for antiques and old cemeteries. From her, I inherited a fascination for the stories they told about those who came before us.

My love of writing itself began when I was 12. It was then that I began developing what would eventually become the first threads of my multiverse.  Despite writing a novel set in that multiverse all through high school and really wanting to be a writer, I ultimately ended up going into archaeology in college. But then again, what is archaeology if not telling the stories of ancient cultures as discovered through the artifacts they left behind?

Through all of this, I still continued to write dark fantasy and horror. After graduating with my Bachelor’s degree, I started a Master’s program in Archaeology but, halfway through, I began to feel the call to write stronger than ever. So, I switched majors and began an MFA program in Creative Writing.

While finishing my MFA, I worked as a freelance editor for a small publishing company, had a few short stories published in publications like the October 2017 edition of The Magikal Rite and online magazines like Creepypastaand interned as a geek culture journalist. I currently write reviews on speculative fiction as a staff reviewer for Tangent Online, act as a First Reader for Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores, and am a member of the Author’s Guild.

Currently, I’m working on finishing my debut epic dark fantasy novel (now grown into a trilogy) Beneath a Red Hunter’s Moon, the first installation of which I hope to publish in the early fall of 2021. My ultimate goal, though, is not only to share my own stories but also help connect readers with other authors that they might enjoy, as well.