The Craft of Fiction

What’s in a Name? — World Building Basics I

A pink rose

“What’s in a name?” When Shakespeare penned that infamous question so many centuries ago, he was speaking of the idea that the essence of an object or person remains the same regardless of what it’s called. Indeed, the rose of which Juliet spoke during her not-so-secret thoughts on the nature of Romeo has many names — a different one in each human language, for starters. So what does this mean for us as writers or in terms of world building in general? Read more.




Earth or No? —World Building Basics II

Earth from spaceTo earth or not to earth — that is the question. And every fiction writer, in some shape or form, has had to answer it. I don’t care if you’re writing about a serial killer in the suburbs of Chicago or a clumsy alien zookeeper on planet Froofus, your story’s locale crossed your mind, if only briefly. And this throws us smack into the arena of world building. Read more.