Hello, my darklings!

Up for your viewing pleasure at Tangent Online is the latest issue of Weirdbook Annual.  I’ve reviewed another anthology edited by Douglas Draa which I really enjoyed. Not so much this time, though.  I’m not going to lie; most of the stories in this anthology were a miss for me.  That being said, there were a few that were well worth reading, such as Darrell Schweitzer’s “The Hutchinson Boy” and Franklyn Searight’s “Cellar Dweller.”

For specifics, please see my full review over at Tangent Online.  You can click the link below and it’ll open the review in a new tab directly on TO’s website.

Weirdbook Annual #2: The Cthulhu Mythos Megapack Review, published on TangentOnline.com on March 16, 2019.