Hello, my darklings!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to explain something you may or may not have noticed.  If you scroll through my blog, you’ll notice that some reviews are incredibly short (such as this one on Beneath Ceaseless Skies #268).  That’s because these are essentially curated posts.

They appear short here because the reviews for those publications were written for another outlet, such as Tangent Online.  Ethically, I cannot copy/paste them to this blog and writing another review would be redundant.  As such, I’ve decided to curate them here by simply providing a link to the original along with a brief description of what was in the publication.

Clicking these links will open a new browser tab and take you directly to the review so you can read it on directly on the original outlet’s website.

One last note:  I just migrated to this new website format so most of the older blog posts are rather generic at the moment.  On the previous iteration of my website, there was an excerpt from the original review but I’m taking a different approach here and I just wanted to get all of the reviews migrated over.  I’ll fix the text in them over the next few days so that everything is consistent.