Very Short Stories

Psychos and killers and creeps! Oh, my!

Hello, my darklings!

So, I’ve kind of fallen in love with the Twitter content posted under the #vss, #vss365, and #whistpr hashtags. I think they’re a nifty way of honing one’s writing skills and keeping the creative juices flowing. 

To that end, I’m going to post those that I write here for your reading pleasure. Of course, that’s with the caveat that, since I do have other obligations, I may go a week or three between getting them posted here. Still, I plan to continue this exercise indefinitely!

You’ll find them posted in chronological order below under two separate series—2-Sentence Horror and Very Short Horror, the difference between the two being that the latter has more than two sentences. 

So, ladies and gentlemen and people of all ages! What are you waiting for?

Step right up!

Marionette (2-Sentence Horror Series)

Test Your Strength (2-Sentence Horror Series)

La Sirena (2-Sentence Horror Series)

Draugr (Very Short Horror Series)

Wicked Fashion (Very Short Horror Series)


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