Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores, August 2018

Fairytales—this is a subject truly near and dear to my heart. Growing up, I devoured them. And not just those wonderfully dark Brothers Grimm classics which were sadly turned into great sickening sugar lumps during the Victorian era, only to be cannibalized and capitalized by Disney a century later. I sought out stories from around the globe, filling my bookshelves with them. When I entered college, it was in part the fairytale that made me pursue Anthropology and Archaeology as my major.

Nightmare #70, July 2018

This issue of Nightmare Magazine includes two original short horror stories. I’ve had the pleasure of reading works in previous of this publication, and the editor certainly did not disappoint this time around. Both stories have a wonderful literary feel to them, each consisting of a psychological horror that creeps up on you over the course of the tale. An elderly gentleman left to die in a nursing home is terrorized by a cat said to predict the death of patients.

Nightmare #69, June 2018

This issue of Nightmare Magazine includes two original short horror stories, the reviews of which are below. The stories the editors have chosen in this issue are incredibly written and ones that I’m certain horror lovers everywhere will enjoy, especially since the two stories are in a nice juxtaposition to one another. “Leviathan Sings to Me in the Deep,” for example, is slow and smooth as it sails ever deeper into the darker waters of the mind.

Black Static #63, May/June 2018

NOTE - This was part of a double review. Mine appears on the second half of the page, after the review by Gyanavani. This 63rd issue of Black Static is the first I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The stories within are so elegantly written, so beautifully styled that they’d give even the staunchest literary snob reason to pause. None of the tales in Black Static are what one might consider overtly horrific. Readers will not find copious amounts gore, violence, or bone-chewing monsters. The horror here creeps up on you slowly, a chill shadow flowing gracefully between each line.